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The Parish Church of Saint John the Baptist

The Parish Church of Saint John The Baptist was built during the town foundation. Its grandiose tower is the best-preserved gothic monument in the town. Originally, it went under the town and the burghers deposited their valuables and important documents there. The present baroque appearance and the ground cross-shaped layout date back to 1669.

The fontal rectory used to be in this house. The dean Kryątof Lautner lived in here. He was one of the most courageous characters during the witch trial period. He was tortured brutally and kept in prison Mírov for several years, then finally burnt on the stake in Mohelnice. The tablet was exposed in 2000.
Behind the main altar there are two gothic sanctuaries where church tools used to be store. The other inventory represents various styles. The pair of choir engraved benches from the end of 17th century and the painting The baptism in Jordan on the main altar belong to the oldest and most valuable furnishings. The picture was painted in 1685 and in 1880 ©umperk painter Anton Gersch repainted it. The main altar today consists of the classicist tabernacle and the picture surrounded by the baroque statues of angels. On the left to the main altar there is the painting of Our Lady the Pastor. There you can observe the vista depicting ©umperk in about 1800.

In the side chapels above the choir benches there are the pictures of Saint Jan Nepomucký and Saint Florien In the picture of Saint Florien, the patron of fire fighters, you can see the vista of ©umperk. In the second painting Saint Jan Nepomucký is questioning the Queen Johanna, the wife of Václav IV.

The Altar of the Holly Cross in the southern chapel was made by the sculptor Bernard Kuzter in 1850. The same artist set up the side altar of Holly Family in the northern chapel. The rococo sarcophagus with the remains of Saint Theodore is built into the altar. The burghers brought the remains from Rome in 1760.
The pulpit was made in 1840 and the organs were set in 1897 by Karl Neusser from Nový Jičín.
The building can be seen during a guided walk through the historical centre of the town "Walk from 13th into 21st century". The walks start by the townhall on Náměstí Míru (square). During a summer they run daily except Saturdays every odd hour. In other time you must order the walk on Information centre.



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